By on May 27, 2013
Host of the Evening- Reema Arora, Nikita Khattar & Jasmeet Kohli ( Image 1 )

It was evening of fashion and glamour at Bora Bora when Three ladies dressed in Hawaiian Avatar, Nikita Khattar, Reema Arora & Jasmeet Kohli hosted an evening themed on Hawaiian concept. Delhi’s first Hawaiian concept outlet hosted the event where Many fashion designer Rahul Luthra, Shivani, Aanchal Sakhuja, Iba Jain, showcased their new collection. High end Roosemore for home decor also presented the new scent flavours for home decor.

Among the guests who attended the event were prominent names like Sona Goyal, Meenakshi Dutt, Ramon Lamba, Rekha Chawla, Sunaina Chibba, Dolly Jain, Sania Mehmood, Sadia Mehmood, Taneiya Khanuja and many more. Nikita Khattar on the occasion said, we will be hosting many more hawaiian events at the outlet as we want to change the soaring high temperatures to which Reema Arora proud co host added that we will be launching many new designers soon. Guests were soon shopping costume jewllery and clothes and relishing Bora Bora theme food and Tiki cocktails.

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