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"I am proud to be a global citizen born in India and nurtured in Singapore" says Pranoti Nagarkar Israni, inventor of the Rotimatic, a microwave sized machine that makes rotis at the push of a button.  One of the qualities that define an Indian home cook is her ability to make rotis. Even the most untrained girls will be proficient in this skill. But a lot of women find this tough to do, or have no time. Pronoti Nagarkar Israni is a 28 year old Puneri, who is set to revolutionise the life of millions of women around the world!  You see, Pronoti has invented the "Rotimatic", the rice cooker for the flatbread eating populations of the world. “It is the size of a microwave, it had to be, and all you have to do is fill in the wheat flour and water compartments every few days. The Rotimatic does the measuring, mixing, kneading, making, and baking of rotis, just flick a button and the chapati is ready in 1 minute.” Pronoti’s company, Zimplistic aims to partner or license with a consumer appliance brand to bring Rotimatic to market in India in 2010.

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